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Vacuum storage bag working principle and function
May 08, 2018


working principle:

The air inside the quilt is drawn away (as if the pressure sponge is reduced) so that the volume is reduced, atmospheric pressure is used to compress the originally expanded quilt and other items, and the outside air is isolated to save space and achieve dust prevention. Mold, moisture, pest control effect. However, although it is a vacuum storage bag, but it is not an absolute vacuum, the current product is generally a vacuum cleaner or a manual pump to remove the air inside the bag. It is now a new member of the family. The vacuum storage bag has the functions of moisture proofing, anti-mildew, anti-mite, anti-odor, etc. The suction tool is used to remove the air inside the storage bag and the clothing quilt so as to reduce the volume and increase the storage space effect!

The main function is:

1, to save space, because it is a vacuum compression, the original expansion of the goods to remove the middle of the air, the volume will become smaller, a simple analogy, that is equivalent to hand flattening the sponge.

2, will not be mildew, worms, damp. Because it is isolated from the outside air, it can achieve this effect. Go for a trip, easy to carry clothes and bedding.

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