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Characteristics of vacuum compression bag
Nov 07, 2017

1, save space, generally because it is vacuum compression, the original inflation of the middle air, the volume becomes smaller, simple analogy, that is equivalent to the hand sponge flattening.

2, not moldy, worms, damp. Because it is isolated from the outside air, so it can achieve this effect.

3, the price is relatively cheap, in general this bag is now the domestic physique also a few dollars a, very practical.

Now there are two kinds of vacuum compression bags sold on the market.

One is the PA+PE material. PA is the abbreviation of polyamide, commonly known as nylon, PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene, that is, ordinary plastic. PA+PE vacuum compression bag is made of nylon and plastic composite made of new plastic. The vacuum compression bag of this material is softer, and it doesn't change at low temperature, so it is durable.

The other is the PET+PE material. PET is the abbreviation of poly (two formic acid) glycol ester, commonly known as polyester polyester. PET+PE is made of polyester, polyester and ordinary plastics. The vacuum compression bag made of PET+PE is not soft enough, especially at low temperature hard and easy to break. The North's friends should not use vacuum compression bag of this material.

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