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Environmentalist's favorite - non-woven bag
Dec 19, 2018

For most environmentalists, non-woven bags are definitely their favorite. They have to wear non-woven bags on the street, and do not wear non-woven bags on the back. Basically, environmentally friendly women will have their own bags. A non-woven bag.

So why do so many environmentalists like non-woven bags?

The reason is just economic, practical, beautiful, convenient, and economic.

A non-woven bag is not expensive, but it can be used repeatedly. Now the supermarket basically has a plastic bag that is five cents to one yuan. It can only be used for three months when you wear a non-woven bag. Save a small amount of overhead, and then reduce it from a small overhead to a big one.


Nowadays, non-woven bags are designed by professional designers. For the Fukenas Zhejiang Non-woven Bag Factory, Fukenas Zhejiang Non-woven Bag Factory has a professional design department, if a designer Perhaps the design of the work is barely able to see, then a design work that the entire design team brainstorms must be the embodiment of beauty. The non-woven bags on the market today are all kinds of different, colorful and colorful, no you don't like, only you can't think of it.


Non-woven bag tote can be used as a fashion bag or on the shoulder, and the non-woven folding bag is more convenient. It can be folded into a small wallet anytime and anywhere, and it is convenient for you to take it.

That is practical and beautiful, the non-woven bag is both internal and external, so it is absolutely deserved to be the favorite of environmentalists.

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