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Four-side sealing vacuum bag features
Jan 22, 2019

The four-side sealed vacuum packaging bag contains four sealing edges, like two foils together to seal the four sides. This is the source of the four-side sealing vacuum packaging bag.

(1) The appearance of the product is good, and the product is cubed after being packaged. It can be used for food preservation, repeated recycling, and more fully used packaging space.

(2) The unique four-side sealing vacuum packaging bag design can effectively prevent bursting, new printing process, highlighting pattern design and trademark effect, and can design special trademark or pattern to play a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

(3) It can highlight the high-end products and the distinctive shelf effect.

(4) It is rich in variety, and it is resistant to cooking, moisture, vacuum, good oxygen permeability, high sealing performance and good heat sealing performance.

(5) Strong irritant resistance, prevent external lines, especially anti-static and other effective protection products from being damaged by the influence of the external environment, and extend the shelf life.

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