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How should the non-woven bag be stored?
Sep 11, 2018

First, when storing non-woven bags, keep them in a cool, dry place to avoid moisture;

Second, can not be placed outdoors, to prevent sun and rain, because the non-woven bags have been easily degraded after exposure, thus affecting the quality of the bag;

Third, the non-woven bags can not be stored for too long, and the indoor life is up to 5 years. If it is outdoor, it is easy to degrade naturally.

Fourth, it is strictly forbidden to contact corrosive substances, and it is necessary to correctly estimate the load of the non-woven bag. If the load is too heavy, the non-woven bag is easily damaged.

5. If the non-woven bag is dirty during use, we can clean the bag to achieve the purpose of repeated use. This is both support and practice for environmental protection, and it is also a kind of diligent and economical performance. As a kind of environmental protection bag, we should reuse the textile bag to support the environment and protect the environment.


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