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How to choose the storage bag vacuum compression bag
Nov 13, 2018

According to the material selection: The vacuum compression bags currently on the market mainly have two textures, one is PA+PE material. The advantage is that the softness is better, the adhesion is also higher, the shape is not easy to change when the temperature is low, the sealing property is good, and the durability is relatively durable. The other is PET+PE material. The vacuum compression bag made of this material is relatively softer than the former, especially in low temperature weather. In addition, from the perspective of appearance, the material of PA+PE material is more transparent and soft;


Look at the thickness: the thickness of the vacuum bag is different, and the price difference is also relatively large. The thickness of the vacuum compression bag is represented by “silk”. Generally, the household uses 6-13 wires. The larger the “wire”, the thicker the thickness. Big. For daily use, it is better to use 9-11 silk, because such a bag is suitable in thickness, and it is not too thick to make the bag too hard and affect the use. Also, because the bag is too thin, it is prone to cracking and cannot be used. Generally, the 9-11 silk PA+PE bag can be used for at least a few years;

According to the sealing property: the sealing is the biggest feature of the vacuum compression bag. The importance is naturally self-evident, if the bag leaks, it is no different from an ordinary bag! So when we return the bag, we should check if there is any air leak in the bag. The method is to try it out immediately after you buy it home, take out the air, and then see if there is swelling after a while. If it is, it proves that the sealing is not good, you can go back and return.

The girls’ homes always feel a lot, and they feel that they can’t be clean and tidy. There are no places for many things. We can use vacuum to store the compression bag. Because the clothes after vacuum compression are isolated from the outside world, the space is reduced after compression. At the same time, it also has the function of dustproof, moisture proof and insect proof, which provides us with great convenience.

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