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How to choose vacuum compression bag
Nov 07, 2017

First, look at the material

It introduces two kinds of materials of vacuum compression bag, everybody should know to choose PA+PE material. PA is higher than PET, technical indicators are not the same, this material bag flexibility is better, adhesion degree is higher, not easy to leak, of course, the quality is also better than a little bit. In terms of appearance, PA's products are softer than PET's..

Second, see thickness

This is a very critical one. The reason why the price difference is relatively large is that the thickness of the vacuum compression bag is represented by "silk". Generally, the thickness of the vacuum compression bag is from 6-8 wires, and the larger the "silk" number, the thicker the bag is. Generally choose vacuum compression bag, choose 6-8 silk is better, because this bag thickness is moderate, not too thick because of the bag is too hard, too crisp. It won't be scrapped in one or two years because it's too thin. General 6-8 silk PA+PE bag for 5 years or so no problem.

Third, look at the appearance

When you buy something, you must look at the appearance of the product is not obvious defects. The products are mainly hard wrinkles, broken, dirty tracks and so on, if these are not good, indicating poor production conditions. What about quality? Not too good.

Fourth, see the ability to maintain the vacuum

The most important thing is the basic purpose of buying this product is to maintain the vacuum. Is not the phenomenon of leakage, if there is a leak, then this product is no use! For the user, if you want to test it? It's simple. Try it immediately after you buy it. You can see it on second or third days. If it's inflated, you can return it.

Fifth, look at the service

Good products also have the possibility of problems, so to choose a product can provide quality after-sales service, but also for their own "property" to buy an insurance. Product problems are not terrible, terrible is a problem, no one to solve. After sales service is also crucial. Especially online shopping, must choose can return to replace the store.

Vacuum compression bag is actually very good, especially now the house price is so high, saving space is very important. Vacuum compression bags are purchased in supermarkets and online, more online, and the price is very cheap, but the online shopping can not see the object, so some of the questions must be asked, especially the return.

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