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How to judge the important vacuum bag quality problem?
Dec 19, 2018

Vacuum packaging is a very important packaging method in the packaging industry. We all know that vacuum-packed foods and medicines have a longer shelf life. The vacuum bag is the medium for vacuum packaging of various products produced by the packaging industry.

The wide application of vacuum bag is based on its own packaging performance, which can meet the functional requirements of oil resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature freezing, high temperature cooking, quality preservation and preservation; high barrier, can block oxygen, water vapor, etc. Gas infiltration; low cost, can meet the automation of modern packaging technology, large-scale production of large-scale production; and safety, health and pollution-free and many other advantages.

However, it is worth noting that when the vacuum bag has a problem in quality when it is used, or if it leaks or breaks the bag, it will lose its original packaging function. How to ensure the quality of the vacuum bag when the packaging manufacturer produces the vacuum bag?

First of all, we can initially judge the quality of the vacuum bag by the appearance of the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag of good quality has no obvious marks, pinholes, etc. from the appearance.

Secondly, the vacuum bag should achieve the effect of the product packaging. The reliability of the sealing must be done. We can try to put the hands into the vacuum bag and evenly force the tear in the opposite direction. If the vacuum bag is torn. Even if deformation occurs at the seal, there will be no delamination, so the seal of the vacuum bag is firm and stable;

In addition, whether the vacuum bag is infiltrated or not needs to be tested by the packaging manufacturer, including the oxygen permeability, water permeability, moisture permeability and other properties of the vacuum bag. In the detection, the coloring method can be used, that is, the coloring agent is placed in a vacuum bag for sealing, and then The vacuum bag is placed horizontally on the filter paper. After a period of time, the filter paper is observed to be discolored, and repeated testing is performed to ensure that the permeability of the vacuum bag is up to standard.

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