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How to squeeze gas from vacuum compression bag
Nov 07, 2017

1. Put the clothes and quilt in the compressed bag before drying the clothes and quilt. Then fold it into the shape that is easy to store. Put it into the bag as much as possible, at least several centimeters away from the zipper.

2, zip zip check before part is clean, whether fine fiber or fiber dust (or fine dust may reduce bag sealing, vacuum compression caused by vacuum compression bag leak, please use the wet cloth to clean.

3, mounted on the slide, hands to press the slide zipper, slowly and lightly pull to the other end of the zipper, pull to 2/3 when the clothes or quilt squeeze pressure or folding, so most of the air now, quickly slide will pull the remaining 1/3 part (which can save a lot of time and this effort by manual pump when suction).

4. Press the slide with hand to slide back and forth several times on the zipper to ensure that the zipper is really sealed.

5, with a manual air pump pumping: open the gas nozzle cover, the gas pump alignment mouth, pulling the piston pumping (pumping capacity of the bag, because the pumping time is slightly longer, the interval can be removed and the pump cover, then suction gas does not go back).

6, vacuum suction: open the gas nozzle cover, the suction tube of the dust collector aligned with the gas nozzle mouth, open the vacuum cleaner can quickly pumping compression.

7, open the closed zipper, take out the clothes quilt, sun dried, you can restore the original state.

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