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The choice of non-woven fabric which fabric will be good
Nov 07, 2017

The first is the choice of non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric including color, thickness of choice. Choose to refer to the entire color image concept, product drawings, trademark printing aspects make a choice; choose to refer to thickness of the non-woven bag use: advertising, the number of products, Sheng Fang bearing aspects; non-woven fabric selection should choose the kind of surface pan glossy, pull small differences. And fit the national standard fabric is produced high quality environmental protection bag foundation, will eventually face a lot of long products.

Non-woven bag manufacturers account, can choose the hardness of non-woven bag cloth material based on the product features of the enterprise, for example, customized shopping bags for wine box, shoes box of the "hard" products, Jiabao feel a little hard to choose cloth, this is due to a hard material, not afraid of hard material wear, can take hold, stand up, advertising bags all outstanding; for example, if the non-woven bags containing custom department stores and the like to replace the plastic bag, you should choose the kind of small, soft tension difference and some pieces of cloth, because such non-woven bags for consumers to carry. For many products, costumes, economy.

Non-woven bag manufacturer of non-woven bag factory analysis, especially for CD packaging material, it is necessary to choose the material of pure soft cloth, so as to shield your fear of young mill products. So the choice of cloth to do vary with the use of different, different businesses vary; reach the above requirements of cloth will make you all the bags will be very good, so the shopping bag take out, love will be favored by the vast number of consumers.

1. environmental protection bag manufacturers, non-woven bag, in the repeated use, * * * eventually recover this cycle, can be called environmental protection

2. velvet bag, mostly artificial cotton - cotton, and our clothes on the fabric almost.

3. cotton bags, like canvas bags

4. environmental protection bags manufacturers elaborate, canvas bags, relative to other raw materials, it is environmental protection, no pollution to the environment, this is my favorite information

5. Dacron vest bag, polyester cloth, similar to our common umbrella cloth and clothing with cloth, because in this cloth bags are usually vest, so called vest bag; 6. bags manufacturers said that other fabric properties of hemp cloth and canvas bag, not the same.

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