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The compression bag can prevent moisture and insects. Use a simple hanger to save the wardrobe space. Winter home storage. Try these methods.
Oct 29, 2018

Winter has arrived, and home storage has become the most troublesome home problem. In fact, the clothing storage space is limited, not only can “free up” space, “extrude” space, “expand” space, but also a more magical and perfect home storage method.

First of all, we should classify winter clothes in summer, which is hygienic and convenient. If you are dilapidated, you can throw it away or give it away, so that you can free up more storage space. You can use it in the short-term. It can be placed in the place where it is not convenient to take it. If you need to access the clothes frequently, it will be placed in the access. Convenient. Secondly, the wardrobe has a limited capacity and can be used with a compression bag when it is not possible to store clothes. The vacuum compression bag can compress the volume of the garment by more than 30% and squeeze out more storage space. Moreover, the compression bag can be protected from moisture and insects, and it can be used without any harm.

If the compression bag is not enough to meet the storage needs, it can be re-expanded by means of the storage box. The short-term unused clothes such as summer clothes and autumn clothes are stacked and placed in the storage box. Multiple storage boxes are placed in the corner of the room. Different colors can also be A beautiful scenery.

In addition, you can also buy a simple hanger in the room to hang large clothes such as winter coats, which saves precious space for small-capacity wardrobes.

Storage bags, storage boxes, and external clothes racks are good, but they are still not perfect. The perfect solution is to re-customize the wardrobe according to the needs and room layout. The style and style can be perfectly integrated with the existing environment. The room storage capacity is expanded and more harmonious.

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