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The widespread use of non-woven bags have those benefits
Nov 07, 2017

Nonwoven bag is a non-woven bag made of environmental friendly polypropylene raw material. It is made up of environmental protection bags and non-woven bags. Since the issue of plastic limit, non-woven bags instead of plastic bags are widely used in daily life, but also greatly reduce the "white pollution" of the earth's environment"!

Non-woven bag is a kind of green environmental protection products, can be reused, washing, has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, durable, inexpensive; widely used in the company's advertising, supermarkets, shopping bag, as well as government agencies, public welfare publicity gifts with. This makes a beautiful non-woven bag has played a wide range of intangible benefits of publicity, so that the use and substitution of non-woven bags are becoming more and more popular!

Non-woven polypropylene raw materials, the materials are placed outdoors for ninety days can be completely biodegradable, and indoor service life for five years, so as to reduce environmental pollution, is recognized as the international ecological environment and environmental protection products. Plastic bags and the raw materials of polyethylene has a very strong stability, it is difficult to solve the problem for a long time, causing serious soil pollution and air pollution, also pose a threat to life, as well as the influence of land sustainable development and agricultural development.

Non-woven bags to replace plastic bags, not only bring the invisible advertising benefits, and reduce the harm of "white pollution" brought to the earth's environment, the elimination of polyethylene plastic bags advocate instead of using non-woven bags represent the general trend for the benefit of society, will benefit future generations!

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