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Use of vacuum compression bag storage ward duvet
Nov 07, 2017

In recent years, with the improvement of hospital management in detail, in order to meet the requirements of patients, many hospitals have been in hospital from a single original cotton quilt to change with season of winter and summer two duvets, change after the quilt is light and durable, deeply loved the patient. But it is difficult to store because of the fluffy characteristics of the feather. Besides, the warehouse space is limited, and other items are placed. The conventional storage can make the warehouse messy and easy to lose, and there is also a fire hazard.

1, methods

The first measurement of storage cabinet size, compression bag buy appropriate thickness and corresponding specifications, and then clean and dry down into the vacuum compression bag, sealed bag, and then use the pump exhaust air in the compression bag, cover the outlet lid, the compressed duvet can be neatly placed in the cabinet.

2, matters needing attention

The size and cabinets installed as the duvet bag depending on the size of the best, is a bag; seal before the best in each bag into a mildew insect camphor; use compression bag to avoid direct contact with the needle, nails and other hard objects, so as not to damage the bag outside the cabinet can be identified; (specify items the name and number) locked, in order to count and long-term management.

3, advantages

The use of vacuum compression bags stored down by the 2/3 can save space, and can play a role of mildew, dust and so on; after the package down is stored in the lockers, standardize the warehouse management, effectively reduce the incidence of fire hazards, keep the warehouse clean and orderly.

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