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What are the disadvantages and disadvantages of vacuum compression bags?
Jul 17, 2018

1, the shortcomings and disadvantages of the vacuum compression bag: the clothes are particularly wrinkled after being installed.

2, vacuum compression bag, as the name suggests, is a bag that draws air to make the atmospheric pressure naturally cause compression. To put it simply, vacuum compression bags are mainly used for bags containing quilts and various clothes. The vacuum compression bag has the characteristics of moisture proof, mildew proof, anti-mite and anti-odor.

3, vacuum compression bag use precautions:

(1), clothing, bedding, etc. Please put it in the sun before putting it into the collection bag. Do not put the insecticide, preservative and clothing into the bag at the same time, so as to avoid discoloration and deterioration of the items being collected.

(2), clothing, bedding and other items should be placed in the bag as much as possible, at least a few centimeters from the closure zipper. Do not force large items into the bag to avoid breaking the bag. Please use the compression bag of the corresponding specifications.


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