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Application Method Of Vacuum Storage Bag
Nov 07, 2017

Vacuum bag is actually a very convenient Home Furnishing accessories, can also be said to be Home Furnishing life good helper, we usually also can be used to receive a lot of things, then you know how to use vacuum bag?

Working principle of vacuum storage bag

The quilt clothes inside the air pumped (reduced pressure sponge like will like) so that the volume is reduced, the use of atmospheric pressure to have inflated quilt items such as compressed, isolation outside air, to save space, dustproof, moistureproof, mildew, pest control effect.

But although it's a vacuum compression bag, it's not absolute vacuum, and now the product is usually using vacuum cleaners or manual suction pump to take out the air in the bag, and now it is a new member of the family.

Vacuum compression bag with moisture, mildew, moth, anti odor and other functions, the use of suction tool remove compression bag and clothes quilt in the air, so as to reduce volume and increase the effect of storage space!

Application method of vacuum storage bag

1, first put the clothes quilt into compression bag before the first dry clothes quilt, then folded into shape for convenient storage and then put into the vacuum bag, as far as possible to the bag, at least a few centimeters distance sealing zipper.

2, to check whether the sealing zipper pull part is clean up the zipper, whether there are fines or dust, otherwise it will cause the compression bag leak, please use the wet cloth to wipe clean.

3, mounted on the slide, hands to press the slide zipper, slowly and lightly pull to the other end of the zipper, pull to 2/3 when the clothes or quilt squeeze pressure or folding, so most of the air out, quickly slide will pull the remaining 1/3 part.

4. Press the slide with hand to slide the zipper back and forth several times to ensure that the zipper is really sealed.

5. Use the manual air pump to exhaust the gas: open the gas nozzle cover, align the air pump to the gas nozzle, pull the piston to exhaust the air. Note that when pumping large capacity bags, the exhaust time is a little longer, so you don't need to take out the pump and cover the top during the middle rest, and the gas will not suck back.

6, vacuum suction: open the gas nozzle cover, the suction tube of the dust collector aligned with the gas nozzle mouth, open the vacuum cleaner can quickly pumping compression.

7, open the closed zipper, take out the clothes quilt, sun dried, you can restore the original state.

The use of vacuum bag is very simple. As long as you follow the instructions for careful use, there will not be any major problems, so that you can also give a better home environment, why not?!

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