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Is Vacuum Compression Bag Affect Clothing Quality?
Nov 07, 2017

1, damage. Easy to fold clothes so as not to matter, compression bag proportion pressure effect must be persistent, but not crushed. Underwear or bedding that can't be used for a long time can be used for it.

2, vacuum storage bags, quilts and down clothes will not affect the warmth retention. The quilt after collection, before use in the sun drying can recover; down jacket after vacuum bag is compressed, once removed, the air will be automatically filled into the jacket, if the inflation effect since that is not ideal, can also use a small stick like objects to tap down jacket so down, completely fluffy, so you can make the jacket back, warm and still very good. In addition, a good down jacket, no matter how extruded, will not stick together, unless it is inferior products.

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