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Non-woven Bag Cleaning Methods
Nov 07, 2017

The non-woven bag is widely used, more and more people began to think this is called environmentally friendly shopping bags will not be as real as the market before the launch of our environment to protect certain. Everyone knows that non-woven bags are good for environmental protection and can be reused

1. first non-woven bags can be cleaned, but not washed by washing machine, can not be forced to rub. Just rub it gently with your hands and rinse it.

2. soaking method. The non-woven bag first with cold water or warm water washing powder for ten to twenty minutes, time not too long, because a long time immersion non-woven material is easy to decompose, please do not use detergent containing bleach or fluorescent, non-woven shopping bags to prevent fading.

3. cleaning, it is recommended to gently wash with hand, the best effect, can not use brush brush, non-woven bag will be easy to raise, so non-woven shopping bag is very ugly.

4. if you want to clean fast, suggest you use the soft brush, gently rub with a soft brush to brush the whole. Must be light, because non-woven fabric is easy to break.

5. cleaning after the first non-woven shopping bag leveling, remove excess moisture put in dry in a cool ventilated place.

6. consumers need to remind you that, when you buy non-woven shopping bags, the best selection of those relatively large thickness of a little bag, although a little more money, but in the day after your cleaning process, will become a little bit easier.

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