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Precautions For Purchasing Vacuum Storage Bags:
Jun 12, 2018

Commonly used vacuum storage bag materials are generally selected: PA + PE, PET + PE, MOPE, PVC, etc.

Now the best material should be nylon + polyethylene (PA + PE). This material is a prerequisite to ensure no leakage, this material bag is more flexible and more durable, but because the cost is relatively high, so the domestic manufacturers Only rarely use this material.

The more common PET + PE is the high-strength composite film on the Internet. The disadvantage is brittleness. For example, many people bought compression bags and used holes before they were used. How do you use them? PET is the material of the bottle above our home drinking machine is relatively hard, most of the current domestic sales is basically the production of this material, no elasticity, and we must never buy non-ferrous, printed, are PET material, The paint above is not environmentally friendly. It is not an export product. The high-coated nylon has elasticity, and the paint will crack after being stretched.

The advantage of MOPE is that it is particularly soft and feels better than others, but its adhesiveness is not good, and there are more air leaks. I believe that many people have had experiences and it is easy to get some air. At one night, they blew up again. Needless to say, PVC is not environmentally friendly at all.

There is also a vacuum storage bag that looks good in details. The suction valve and the closure or even the zipper slider must be made finer. Good quality always runs through.

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