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Selection Of Vacuum Compression Bag
Nov 07, 2017

First, look at the material: there are two kinds of composite materials on the market today, one is PET+PE, the other is PA+PE. So what is the difference between these two materials? From the cost point of view, PA is higher than PET, technical indicators are not the same, the quality is also better. In terms of appearance, PA's products are softer than PET's..

Two, look at the thickness, this is the price difference is bigger reason, generally speaking, there are three kinds of market, 0.06MM, 0.08MM, 0.10MM, for home, the most suitable or 0.08MM.

Three, look at the appearance: must look at the appearance of the product is not obvious defects, mainly hard wrinkles, broken, dirty track, and so on, if these are not good, indicating poor production conditions. Then quality, not too good!

Four, the most critical point, is also the basic purpose we buy this product, is to keep the vacuum. Just don't have a leak. If there's a leak, then this product doesn't work!

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