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The Benefits Of Vacuum Storage Bag
Jan 09, 2018

When the season turns, a lot of things in the house have to be put away, and many need to store the clothes also make headaches for housewives: First, clothing occupy wardrobe space, and second, clothing should be insecticide mildew moth. This time vacuum storage bags come in handy, it can make clothes, quilts instantly "downsizing", the trouble of housewives have also been solved.

Product Description:

First, save space. According to the product test data and consumer feedback, vacuum storage bags can help save 75% of the space, the cost of modern families save money and save space is the cost savings. Whether it is sweaters, cotton clothes, or pillows, quilts, can be easily stored up, feather, space cotton and other materials will be better storage effect, greatly saving the wardrobe space.

Second, the product is simple and easy to operate. Open the compression bag, into seasonal clothing, with a dedicated vane seal, pumping net air can be. Pumping manual pump available, electric suction pump, vacuum cleaner, 1 to 5 minutes can be pumped air, storage easy to complete.

Third, the product vacuum bag using a special composite nylon material, this material is good flexibility, high adhesion, not easy to leak, and antibacterial non-toxic. The most critical part of the valve to take three leakproof patented design, valve deepening, sealing mouth thickening, rubber plug 360 degrees seamless coverage, to ensure the vacuum characteristics of compression bags. Sealing double-edged zipper, gently pull a tight airtight. Based on the above points, the product can be reused quarter after season.


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