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Vacuum Compression Bag Role
Nov 07, 2017

In a simple way, vacuum compression bags are mainly used for packing quilts and various kinds of clothes. It is the working principle of the quilt clothes inside the air pumped (reduced pressure sponge like will like) so that the volume is reduced, the use of atmospheric pressure to have inflated quilt items such as compressed, isolation outside air, to save space, dustproof, moistureproof, mildew, anti insect effect. But although the vacuum compression bag, but not the absolute vacuum, the product is generally use vacuum cleaner or manual pump to remove the air in the bag, is a new member of the family. Now receive vacuum compressed bag with moisture, mildew, moth, anti odor and other functions, the use of suction tool remove compression bag the clothes and quilts in the air, so as to reduce volume and increase the effect of storage space!

Compressed bag material

Compression bag material, general PE+PET bag, adhesion is better, and now is also used more bags of materials. However, the disadvantage of this vacuum compression bag is that it is brittle. What is in the supermarket common MOPE compression bag, the bag material adhesion is not good, easy to leak, he feels very soft, more than many other material bags now export compression bag is PA+PE, the bag material flexibility, adhesion is also high, not easy to leak, so the cost is relatively high.

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