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Vacuum Storage Bag To Use
Jan 09, 2018

1. Please put the need to store items neatly packed in compression bags.

2. Close the zipper, please seal two-thirds, press the hand from the end of compression bags fitted slide, slowly and lightly slide to the other two-thirds of the zipper, leaving some small mouth, and then hand Squeezing the bag to discharge most of the air, which can greatly improve the pumping speed, then close the remaining one-third. It is recommended to repeatedly slide the seal back and forth several times repeatedly to ensure that the compression bag is truly sealed.

3. Please tighten the valve cover first to the right, then loosen the ring to the left half circle to about a lap, then buckle on the gas pump, pumped to the ideal state, the valve can be tightened to the right, pumping, the pump can not Leave the valve chassis.Please note that when pumping, do not unscrew the valve cover, but can not remove the valve in the transparent gasket, otherwise it will lead to failure of pumping, remember!

4. During the pumping process, please remember to tighten the valve, manual pumping will be slower, it is recommended that you support the use of vacuum cleaner, so that storage becomes more easily!

5. When you need to remove the contents of the compression bag, please open the zipper, the item will be restored to its original shape, clean and beautiful!


Exhaust quilts compression bags use method

1. Put the quilts into the compression bag, dry the quilts first, and then fold them into a shape that is easy to store and put in the bag as far as possible, at least a few centimeters away from the zipper.

2. Pull the zipper to check before the zipper seal is clean, whether there are fine fibers or dust (small fibers or dust may reduce the compression bag compression, resulting in compressed bag leaks, if any, please wipe with a damp cloth.

3. Install the slider, hand slide the zipper, slide slowly and lightly to the other end of the zipper, pulled two-thirds of the time, the clothing or quilts squeezed or rolled up, so that most After the air is discharged, quickly slide the remaining one-third part of the slide (this pump can save a lot of time and effort with the manual pump).

4. Hand slide the slide back and forth on the zipper several times to ensure that the zipper at the real seal.

5. Manual air pump: open the air cap, the air pump aimed at the air mouth, pull the piston exhaust (pumping large capacity bag, due to a longer pumping time, the middle of the rest may not have to remove the pump and cover , The gas will not be sucked back).

6. With the vacuum cleaner exhaust: Open the gas cap, the vacuum cleaner suction nozzle aligned mouth, open the vacuum cleaner can quickly compressed air compression.

7. Open the closed zipper clothing quilt out of the sun, you can restore the status quo.


Hand-rolled vacuum compression bag Usage:

1. Install the vane, hold down the slider with your left hand zipper, slowly and lightly pull the other end of the zipper, slide the slider back and forth by hand to hold the vane several times to ensure that the zipper is truly sealed.

2. Roll the air out of the air, hand roll slowly from the end of the compression bag zipper and squeeze the use of air from the bag.

3. Repeat several times until the air is exhausted, and then flatten the bag.

4. Open the closed zipper will be out of the clothing quilt to dry, you can restore the status quo.


Sitting pressure vacuum compression bag Usage:

1. Install the vane and hold the vane zipper by hand. Slowly and lightly pull the zipper to the opposite end. Close the zipper and slide the zipper back and forth by hand to hold the vane for several times to ensure that the zipper is sealed.

Compress by hand. Flatten the compression bag seal, squeeze it down with your hand and use air to escape from the exhaust vent.

3. With the human body pressure, the body sit compressed compression bag above the use of air from the compressed bag exhaust vent until it can not squeeze so far.

4. Open the closed zipper will be out of the clothing quilt to dry, you can restore the status quo.


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